Артисты HARTCOLE и Lordee Concordiae уже на британских радиостанциях! Треки Hear me out Soul и Tell Me Who Is She, прошедшие сертификацию в рамках программы FreshTunes Certified, попали на радиостанцию Control Radio UK. Треки этих исполнителей, а также другие сертифицированные песни наших артистов вы можете послушать здесь: https://open.spotify.com/user/wearefreshtunes/playlist/0ll2FmdHP8aIMSlOmze9bN

Артисты HARTCOLE и Lordee Concordiae уже на британских радиостанциях!

Мы только что сертифицировали трек Ff_2001 исполнителя Vanderoe. Это значит, что у ещё одного артиста появился шанс стать популярным! Его трек будет отправлен на радио, появится в фирменном сборнике FreshTunes, на нашем YouTube-канале и в соцсетях! Послушать трек: https://open.spotify.com/track/5s4d2t9TidZHcJjI2pfJMh

Мы только что сертифицировали трек Ff_2001 исполнителя Vanderoe

«Pure Love» появится в продаже 17 ноября. FreshTunes выпускает новый сборник песен о любви, ищи во всех цифровых музыкальных магазинах! Послушать можно здесь: https://open.spotify.com/user/wearefreshtunes/playlist/3x3C5XPY3JTVIn7KYn48Ll

«Pure Love» появится в продаже 17 ноября

(Release date: 27.10.2017) What’s the key to today’s pop song success? Actually, the rules haven’t changed that much. It starts with a catchy melody, then sharp or original lyrics and to create an unstoppable formula. If we hear something we like, we want to hear it again and add it […]

“Pop Power” FreshTunes compilation

Everyone who loves and listens to mainstream Russian music knows household names Zemfira (Земфира), IOWA, Elka (Ёлка), Obe Dve (Обе Две), Visokosny God (Високосный Год), Burito and Monatik. Their music can be heard everywhere from the radio, to TV and online. Bringing together a collection of new tunes from all […]

«New Russian Hit» Fresh Tunes compilation

On July 26, 2017, FreshTunes launched a service called FreshPromo. FreshPromo assists artists and independent labels to promote their music on the largest digital platforms. Today, artists have the same concerns as 50 years ago: How do you get your music out there? How do you grow your fanbase? How […]

FreshPromo: New platform for online music promotion

Release date: 28.07.2017 On a hot summer day all you can dream of is a sunset chill. You get carried away thinking of that special place to be. Maybe it is a cozy open terrace cafe where you are hiding from the heat, treating yourself to your favourite drink, leaving […]

“Brazilian Lounge” Fresh Tunes compilation

Listen up: 10 tips on how to promote yourself & your music online When you’re taking your career in to your own hands it’s important to create a strong strategy and then form a team around to you make it happen. Alongside eventually trying to find a badass manager and […]

Listen up: 10 tips on how to promote yourself & ...

Release date: 14.07.2017 Latinomania isn’t a new thing. In ’87 people all over the world were singing La Bamba by Los Lobos, and in ’95 , ’96 and even ’97 «Macarena» of Los Del Rio was blasting out of every window. In 2017, Latin fever is sweeping the world again […]

“Latin Summer Hits 2017” Fresh Tunes compilation

Streaming is not only the answer but the future of our current music industry. It’s becoming the key way that listeners digest and pay for music meaning that artists material more accessible to a global market than ever before. According to the BPI, combined takings from streaming, downloads, physical sales […]

Streaming: The future of our musical generation