«Dance Now 2017» FreshTunes compilation

(Release date: 01.12.2017)

Shall we dance?

Electronic music is now one of the biggest and most exciting genres across the globe. Built with a variety of styles and sub-genres it fills dance floors, festivals and stadiums worldwide. Bringing together some of the scenes future stars, we are proud to present our newest compilation «Dance Now 2017».

A unique collection that represents some of the hottest dance tracks from the FreshTunes catalogue. Get ready to lose yourself on the dancefloor with a-la early and The Chemical Brothers tribal beats of Andy Fasa and Leonel Balleza. With dark progressive house sounds from Dave Gregga, a Daft Punk inspired banger from Rykn. Uplifting pop-house hits from Serge Legran and Archi Beats and hypnotic trance themes from Victor Van Huevan and many, many more.

«Dance Now 2017» is a perfect soundtrack to your everyday life, your party and even your gym workout.

You may not have heard of these artists before but FreshTunes brings you the artists of tomorrow. Many of these tracks are winners of the FreshTunes Certification Program and their appearance here is one of the benefits that this program provides.

«Dance Now 2017» track-listing:

1. Andy Fasa – Boa Noite (feat. DJ Toxic)
2. Dave Gregga – House Is Sex
3. Leonel Balleza – Back To Brazil
4. Rykn – F.U.N.
5. Daniel Ledrums – Up & Down
6. Dumb Stereo – Take Me To The Top
7. Polimar Kucher – Summer Sex
8. Serge Legran – Touch The Sky (Extended Mix)
9. Djiego — You
10. Peter Ivanov – Going Under
11. Gyrotto – One and Only
12. Archi Beats – Like Me
13. Erikvantools & Cici – Diamonds In The Sky
14. Nomovoln — Daydreamer
15. Mike Morrison & Mike Mahoney – Call Me
16. Victor Van Huevan – Drive

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