Results of the year

Results of the year.

At the end of 2017 all digital music stores and platforms published the results and now FreshTunes can piece the facts and numbers together. Lets start:

1) Top 5 FreshTunes albums (based on streaming and sales data)

1 place: Gorgorod – Oxxxymiron (ГОРГОРОД – Oxxxymiron)

2 place: miXXXtape II: Long way home – Oxxxymiron (Долгий путь домой – Oxxxymiron)

3 place: 1944 – Jamala

4 place: Carnavaleando – Pedro Ramaya Beltran

5 place: City under sole – Oxxxymiron (Город под подошвой – Oxxxymiron)

2) Top 3 countries FreshTunes has many users that are coming from countries below. Musicians from these countries are sending more requests and uploading more content than others.




3) Top 3 genres Artists that are coming to us most of time are making music in following genres.

1. Hip-Hop/Rap

2. Electronic

3. Rock

4)Top 5 tracks Just have a look at the list and see who ruled this year). 5 most popular tracks of FreshTunes in 2017 год (based on sales and streams).

We are not here – Oxxxymiron (Где нас нет – Oxxxymiron)

City under sole – Oxxxymiron (Город под подошвой – Oxxxymiron)

Historyja Majho žyccia (Eurovision 2017) – NaviBand

Interlock – Oxxxymiron (Переплетено – Oxxxymiron)

Girl … – Oxxxymiron (Девочка … – Oxxxymiron)

We wish great sales and streams to all musicians.