“Pure Love” Fresh Tunes compilation

(release date: 17.11.2017)

They say that love is all around us. They also say that every song that was ever written is about love.
How can we disagree?
‘Pure Love’ is a collection of the best ballads and love songs from the FreshTunes catalogue in English and Spanish. All of these songs are exceptional. They have smash hooks (Kdesh, Bros Mateo, Fabu, Anurag Mohn) and melodies Ed Sheeran would kill for (Marc Atkinson, Jibran Shamsi)!
They will stand test of time and become your all-time favorites. ‘Pure Love’ is a perfect collection for first dates, cozy nights in and for break-ups too.
Even though you may not have heard of these artists before, FreshTunes brings you the artists of tomorrow. Many of these tracks are winners of the FreshTunes Certification Program and their appearance here is one of the benefits that this program provides.

«Pure Love» track-listing:

  1. Kdesh – Te Amo
  2. Anurag Mohn – You’re The Only One
  3. Javier Santibañez – Inevitable
  4. Fabu – The Broken
  5. Bros Mateo – El Mañana Que Esperabas
  6. Jibran Shamsi – Never Let You Go
  7. Jenya Noble – Counting Scars
  8. Max Taylor – I Say You
  9. Alejandro Vh – Protegido
  10. Aftertones – If You Say Yes
  11. Hosea & Esther – What Will I Do – FT CP Winner
  12. Filipe Ferin – No Promises – FT CP Winner
  13. Marc Atkinson – Eternally
  14. Rhigo – Olvidate De Mi
  15. Sayak Ganguly – Wish You Were Here

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