“New Russian Hit” Fresh Tunes compilation

Everyone who loves and listens to mainstream Russian music knows household names Zemfira (Земфира), IOWA, Elka (Ёлка), Obe Dve (Обе Две), Visokosny God (Високосный Год), Burito and Monatik. Their music can be heard everywhere from the radio, to TV and online.

Bringing together a collection of new tunes from all of these artists would set the Russian charts on fire so we decided to create a unique compilation. Trust us, if THESE artists recorded and released THESE songs, they would be a huge overnight success.

‘New Russian Hit’ is an exclusive collection of new tunes from unknown yet very promising Russian artists that represent a variety of genres. From uplifting pop (P.Pol, Guntanomo & Ayoplayer, Russell Ray) and pop-rock (Kurier, V Efire Mi) to electronic (Konstantin Gebo, Lemniskata Petrikor), indie (Du Bon Ton) and even country (Muhamed Kushhiw).

Many of these tracks are winners of the FreshTunes Certification Program and their appearance here is one of the benefits that this program provides.

So, if you’re not really familiar with modern Russian music, the best way to discover it is to listen to ‘New Russian Hit’ and maybe some of these songs will find their place in your music library.

«New Russian Hit» track-listing:

1. P.Pol feat. Dariangel – Это Просто (FT CT Winner)
2. Guntanomo & Ayoplayer – Это Рай
3. Liey – Она (FT CT Winner)
4. Marakuya – Забирай
5. Russell Ray feat. Price – На Борт (DJ John Cocos Remix) (FT CT Winner)
6. Konstantin Gebo – Fakir (FT CT Winner)
7. Лемниската Петрикор – Утренний Человек
8. Лера Зверева – Она
9. В Эфире Мы – До Завтра
10. Amen 78 – Обходи (FT CT Winner)
11. Диана Громова – Разбиваемся
12. Курьер – Частичка Света
13. Ira Smith – Ты Все Можешь Сам (FT CT Winner)
14. Eg14n – Ты Моя
15. Victoria Shumovskaya – Для Тебя
16. Du Bon Ton – Тень (FT CT Winner)
17. Сююмбике – Сказки
18. Недра – Наполовину (FT CT Winner)
19. Попов Роман – Одинокий Остров (FT CT Winner)
20. Мухамед Кушхов – Спасибо Небесам (FT CT Winner)

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