“Brazilian Lounge” Fresh Tunes compilation

Release date: 28.07.2017

On a hot summer day all you can dream of is a sunset chill. You get carried away thinking of that special place to be. Maybe it is a cozy open terrace cafe where you are hiding from the heat, treating yourself to your favourite drink, leaving work deadlines and all your worries behind.

You are simply enjoying the evening cool in a company of your friends.

The music playing in the background is inevitably becoming the soundtrack of your time out. You might not notice it at all, but then all of a sudden you here the sounds, you catch a nice melody trying to recognize it or remember the song that you liked.

“Brazilian Lounge” is a compilation of ten songs in Portuguese by young artist from Fresh Tune catalog. The recording was made in the “heart of the summer” – Brazil. People there are known to be experts of having a good time.

It only takes thirty minutes to go on a journey from classic pop-music («O Dia Amanheceu» by Zangaia) to authentic Brazilian melodies («Raimundo Capoeira» by Moendacana), lounge («Voraz» by Mocambeats) and bossa nova («Bossa Da Moeda» by Joao Pedreira).
Rhythms will change but your mood will be as good as when you have just tuned into this compilation – cool, serene, relaxed, anticipating something really good to happen.

When you end your day in such a mood you definitely carry it through the next day.
Tested and proved by «Brazilian Lounge» contributors!

«Brazilian Lounge» Track Listing:

1. Zangaia O Dia Amanheceu
2. Moendacana Raimundo Capoeira
3. Pardo Efeito Colateral
4. Breno Azevedo Paradoxo
5. Mocambeats Voraz
6. Kayan 3 Da Manhã
7. Kaytto Me Conta
8. Marcelo Ferrari Proposta
9. Freddy Simões Apenas Um Dia
10. João Pedreira Bossa Da Moeda

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