“Pop Power” FreshTunes compilation

(Release date: 27.10.2017)

What’s the key to today’s pop song success? Actually, the rules haven’t changed that much.
It starts with a catchy melody, then sharp or original lyrics and to create an unstoppable formula.

If we hear something we like, we want to hear it again and add it to our daily playlists right after. Get ready for dozens of potential hits with this new collection from FreshTunes ‘Pop Power’. 100% quality and a dynamic variety of genres all under the ‘pop’ category.

We deliver disco (Javisss), house-music (Alex Bassag, Mishel Dar), Latin rhythms (Ritmo Loco.mc), light jazz (Hartcole) and even a-la Franz Ferdinand pop-rock anthems (Chalk).
And many, many more!

You may not have heard of these artists before, but FreshTunes brings you the artists of tomorrow. Many of these tracks are winners of the FreshTunes Certification Program and their appearance here is one of the benefits that this program provides.

«Pop Power» track-listing:

1. Javisss – She!
2. Mishel Dar – Take Love
3. Ezequiel Urbano – Solo Baila
4. Alex Bassag – Broken Heardz
5. Ritmo Loco.mc – Dale Mujer
6. Jefra Lara – Sax And Love
7. AT Luv, Ivory, Olga Urazgalieva – Summertime
8. Andrew Naklab & Moonlight – Your Heart at Mind
9. El Diesel – Tu Y Yo
10. Hartcole – Hear Me Out (Soul)
11. Fuera De Tiempo – Si Tú Estás
12. Deji – Dancefloor
13. Day Of Days – Miracle
14. Chalk – No Baby, No
15. Mza – La Vida Es asi
16. Pharella – Invitation
17. Anupam, Amrita & Sangram – Halijaye America

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