FreshPromo: New platform for online music promotion

On July 26, 2017, FreshTunes launched a service called FreshPromo.
FreshPromo assists artists and independent labels to promote their music on the largest digital platforms.

Today, artists have the same concerns as 50 years ago: How do you get your music out there? How do you grow your fanbase? How do you breakthrough?

Although the questions are the same, the digital revolution has provided us with different solutions. In the age of fast-evolving high technology, there are new opportunities and tools for advertising and promotion of music. The internet, social networks and dedicated platforms have opened up new opportunities for artists.

In order to make it easier to get exposure, FreshTunes has launched FreshPromo, a platform for musicians and independent labels, which empowers artists to run advertising campaigns across the largest online platforms with a total audience of several billion people to segment from.

By using FreshPromo, the user will be able to start advertising campaigns on Facebook, YouTube and Shazam simultaneously. A campaign can be set up in three easy steps: 1) select what to promote and where, 2) specify the budget and 3) select the start date. Then, FreshTunes automated system will pick the optimal settings for each platform and track its effectiveness online.

“Within the framework of FreshTunes operation, we are continuously monitoring the needs of our users and partners,” explains the FreshTunes’ General Manager Nikolai Okorokov. “Today, the promotion of songs or music videos is one of the primary needs of most artists. Having explored this issue, we understand that the existing tools are isolated from each other and there is a need to save streamline the experience for users and to save their time. That’s why we have decided to create a simple and comprehensive online service, which would help artists to develop their career and achieve success. Supporting musicians has always been and remains our main mission.”

The online service is available at: